Year Teams

The Academy has a very experienced and dedicated team where pastoral care is as important to students as their academic progress. We work closely with parents and students, building relationships from the moment that the student joins the Academy to prepare them for their journey of being life-long learners. 

There are four school houses within the Academy (Beaufort, Hurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire). Each house is led by a Head of House/Head of Year and supported by a team of Academic Support Officers.

Students are divided into tutor groups within each year group. Each tutor group meets daily from 08:55am to 09:20am. The tutors, led by a Head of Year, an Assistant Principal and supported by the Pastoral Team, deliver a comprehensive programme during these sessions to cover personal and social well-being, literacy, oracy, British citizenship, global citizenship and sex education. Across the year, students also have the opportunity to experience workshops on these themes.

The Academy ensures that the needs of all students are met through individual support plans involving the pastoral team, senior leadership team, student and staff mentors as well as the work of outside agencies. Regular meetings are held with students and parents, depending on the support needed, with an aim to give students the tools to become well rounded, independent citizens.


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