Vision & Aims

Aspen 2 is the Dover District Specialist Provision for students aged 11 - 18 with profound, severe and complex learning needs. All students within Aspen 2 have an Education Health Care Plan and are working at levels which are significantly below their age-related mainstream peers. Whilst Aspen 2 is designated as a Specialist Resource Provision, within the heart of Dover Christ Church Academy, it functions as a special school with students spending most of their time studying highly differentiated curriculums within their Aspen 2 classes.

Aspen 2 Vision

To provide a unique learning provision that offers a range of inclusive opportunities for our students across Aspen 2 and DCCA. Together we are proactive and determined in working with students to reach their full potential.

Aspen 2 Aims

Aspen 2 aims t develop a greater sense of self-worth in our students and staff, who value each other for our individuality and place in our community. Together we provide an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. We set high expectations and plan for success for all our students. We strive to maintain a community where all our students feel valued and safe. A community where they feel enabled to develop into confident learners and given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

Aspen 2 works with many agencies to support all the needs of the students. The NHS provides Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy for students who are referred to their services. Aspen 2 also employs a music therapist and a counsellor who each work one day a week to support the mental health and well-being of our students.

Throughout their education journey at Aspen 2, all students benefit from the rich and varied inclusive opportunities that we are able to provide; opportunities that are made all the richer by our unique position at the heart of Dover Christ Church Academy. As such Aspen 2 benefits from the teaching by specialist subject teachers and facilities in Music, Food technology, Catering, Sports, and Design & Technology.